Getting the ball rolling: blogging

With my first semester of college behind me, I have completed tasks (academically and personally) that I never would’ve imagined doing in high school, and can say with confidence that my comfort zone has been pushed to its limits. There have been countless daunting assignments and activities that, with help from my peers and teachers, I have managed to conquer. One of these intimidating activities happens to be what I am currently doing: blogging.

Although I consider myself a very competent writer, I have always struggled with the concept of this medium. It has never clicked with me and once I started attempting to write one, I knew that I would never pursue this outside of the classroomblogging.

That being said, my view is slowly beginning to change. I am starting to see the value in running a blog from a career perspective, especially in the marketing/advertising field. This along with help from my college writing class has helped me become a lot more comfortable with this writing style and the thought of making this something I try to do regularly.

And with that, I would like to share what I think are the three most important things to keep in mind as a writer who is new to the blogging world.


In general, you want your title to be short and captivating. It doesn’t necessarily have to tell the reader everything that will be in the post but should make the reader curious to read more. It can be a question, quote, joke – it’s really up to you to put your own creative spin on it. Just remember to make it stand out as much as possible and only capitalize on the first word.


This is where blogging really separates itself from other styles of writing. It is best if you keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible: paragraphs should be no longer than 5 lines each (with no indentation). The purpose of this is to make it as easy as possible for the reader to absorb the information being presented and keep them interested for as long as possible.


Another trick for keeping the reader interested is to break up the text with headings and pictures where appropriate. Of course, these don’t necessarily apply for all types of posts, but they can be extremely effective when done correctly. Remember to use a different font type for headings and cite the sources of all pictures used.

Hopefully, this has given a little bit more insight into how to format a blog for beginners. For some extra information, check out this short video that really helped me when getting started. Remember to relax, be creative, and most importantly, be yourself. Happy blogging!



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